-Connect to your Systems from anywhere, anytime
-Manage all of your System(s) users, devices, and rules
-View live and recorded video (streams and offline files)
-Search archives instantly based on metadata / time.
-Automate system reactions with the Rules Engine
-Increase situational awareness with custom layouts
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Flex GRID User Interface
A revolutionary interface that allows users to create an unlimited number of customizable, shareable layouts.
Cloud Connect / Admin Connect your Nx Witness System to the cloud and manage your Nx Witness system from anywhere, anytime..
View Live or Recorded View up to 64 video streams on a single layout – with support for MJPEG, H.264 and H.265 live streams.
 Search Archives Instantly Search archives using Smart Motion, time and date, video analytics metadata, events, Bookmarks, and more.
IFTTT Rules Engine  Automate System reactions based on camera, IoT, and 3rd party HTTP events with a built-in Rules Engine.
Custom Layouts Create custom layouts combining video, web pages, and IoT devices to increase situational awareness.